This week (I) Euroregion: Adriatic Ionian Euroregion (Road map for Adriatic Governance)

AIE IPA cross-border project “AdriGov” within its activities specifically focuses on developing a road map for Adriatic Governance.
The core activity of the specific work package 3 (WP 3) is the close interaction between the Adriatic Euroregion and Adriatic-Ionian Macroregion. The responsible partner beneficiary for this WP is the Molise Region

Within (WP3) Road map for Adriatic Governance: Euroregion and Macroregion synergies and joint initiatives, the project delivers the following outputs:

• n. 2 Network conferences of European Euroregions;
• n. 1 Comparative analysis concerning the SME start up and FDI attraction;
• n. 12 sessions of AE Thematic Committees;
• n. 12 detailed reports prepared by the PMU and discussed during the AE Committees sessions;
• n. 12 (2 for each subject) joint statement of AE Thematic Committees;
• n. 12 training-workshops on EU policies;
• n. 12 strategic documents on each subject related to AE Committees;
• n. 12 Action Plans;
• n. 6 Final Reports for each subjects related to AE Committees
• n. 10 job-meetings of Euroregions Network


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