This week (II) Euroregion: Euregio (structure)

  • The EUREGIO advises members, citizens, companies, organisations, authorities and other institutions on cross-border issues.
  • The bodies of the EUREGIO are:
    – the General Assembly
    – the EUREGIO Council
    – the Board of Directors
    – Managing Director

The EUREGIO Council consists of 41 Dutch and 41 German representatives. The EUREGIO Board forms the executive committee of the organization. The daily work is coordinated and implemented by the EUREGIO office located at the Dutch-German border crossing Glanerbrug-Gronau where around 30 German and Dutch employees cooperate. 

The EUREGIO-Mozer-Commission plays a special role in the social and cultural spheres offering a wide range of support for cross-border projects in the field of sports, art, culture etc.

  • The General Assembly is made up of representatives of the members. It meets min at least once a year. Each representative have one vote.

  • The EUREGIO Council is the political body of the EUREGIO and the highest authority between meetings of the General Assembly. It has the function of a joint consultation and coordination – coordination body for policy issues within the framework of regional cooperation. The EUREGIO Council consists of 82 voting members; the 41 members of the EUREGIO Council are representatives of German or Dutch side. When possible, smaller parties are to be represented.
  • Members with an advisory vote are:
    – Members of the European Parliament
    – Bundestag Member
    – Representatives of the Staten – Generaal
    – Politician in the States of Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia
    – Parliamentary representatives of the provinces of Drenthe, Gelderland and Overijsel where are their constituencies or work or homes wholly or partly in the territory of the EUREGIO
    – the mayors or their representatives from the Dutch territory

  • The Board of Directors is composed of 12 members:
    (a) the President of the EUREGIO Council
    (b) 10 Management Board members elected according to article 11 of Euregio Statute
  • (c) Managing Director.

  • The Managing Director prepares the deliberations and decisions of other organisations and executes. It represents the euroregion as association.