This week (II) Euroregion: Euregio (projects&activities)

Within EUREGIO work activities are divided into different fields.  EUREGIO stimulates and facilitates cross-border cooperation by accomplishing the following tasks:

  • Social-cultural cooperation (get to know each other on both sides of the border, to attack prejudices)
  • Social-economic development (improvement of the socio-economic structure across the border)
  • Intermunicipal cooperation (facilitate town twinning, cooperation of fire brigades and rescue services etc.)
  • Advisory services (information for citizens and business about living, working, and doing business across the border)
  • Inter-regional cooperation (Exchange of ideas and experiences with other border regions)

Within Advisory services, the EUREGIO offers the Citizens advise service desk with information and advice concerning the labour market. Citizens are given personal advice about issues concenring living, working or studying in the neighboring country of the EUREGIO. The consultants inform also pupils and students who want to complete an internship in the neighbouring country. Issues concern also the questions on the recognition of certificates or the eligibility of various training courses and provide information on the health and pension insurance. Consultants explain the applicable collective agreements or give information about buying real estate in the neighbouring country. 

You can find more information on (unfortunatly there is no official information in English).


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