This week (II) Euroregion: Euregio (German-Netherlands Conference “Language – Consulting – Work”)

On the 4th of March this year, Euregio organized a conference entitled :”Language – Consulting – Work”.

The persistent differences in unemployment of both sides of the border suggest that the cross-border labor market is currently still functioning inadequately. Accordingly, economic potentials in the border area remain unused. By combining forces along the border and close cooperation with the governments changes can be effected in this regard.

Four German-Dutch Euroregions invited representatives from politics, government and administration of the entire border area, Hannover, Dusseldorf and The Hague, to its joint conference “Language – Consulting – Work”. The aim of the conference was to discover ways to realize a better framework for effective cross-border labor market in order to strengthen the economy in the border area. With an interactive program and practice examples it considered in particularly the issues of knowledge of the neighboring language and intercultural skills, recognition of professional qualifications, consulting, cross-border data, as well as student mobility.

The Conference Program is available here.

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