This week (III) Euroregion: Euregio Karelia (contacts)

You can find the official web site of the Euregio Karelia on our website. On the official website, information are available also in English, however we’ve noticed that most of the information, especially in what concerns the activities of this Euroregion are out of date.

Following are the official contact information of the Euregio Karelia:

The Regional Council of Kainuu

PL 400, 87070 KAINUU

Paavo Keränen
Regional Development Manager
tel. +358 44 710 0853

Minna Mustonen
puh. +358 44 7100 874

The Regional Council of North Karelia

Pielisjoen linna
Siltakatu 2

Sisko Kaarto
Director of Public Relations and Cross-border Cooperation
tel. +358 13 267 4714+358 400 165 499

Tiina Moisala
Regional Planner
tel. +358 40 702 1575


The Council of Oulu Region

Sepänkatu 29
90100 OULU

Marko Ruokangas
Program director, Karelia ENPI CBC Program
tel. +358 400 602 268

Roman Gokkoev
Acting Manager, International Affairs, Barents coordinator
tel. +358 40 539 2133


The Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of Karelia

ул. Андропова 2
85028 г. Петрозаводск
tel. +7 814 2 79 23 00

Alexander Khudilainen
Head of the Republic of Karelia

Dmitry Kislov
Deputy Minister of the Ministry of EconomicDevelopment of the Republic of Karelia

Euregio Karelia has also its own group in Facebook:


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