This week (V) Euroregion: Alps-Mediterranean Euroregion (structure)

  • The Presidency of the Euroregion is organized according to a rotation system every six months. After a first presidency of Piedmont region, the autonomous region of Valle d’Aosta and the region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region succeeded to the Presidency of the Euroregion for the year 2010 and the regions of Liguria and France for the year 2011. Starting from 1 January is the Piedmont region President for the year 2012. In view of the concurrent with the renewal of the Regional Council of Aosta Valley, President of the Piedmont region was extended to the first half of 2013. Since then no longer renewed.

  • The Conference of Presidents is composed of the Presidents of the five regions. The Conference of Presidents meets several times a year, in the Presidency, or in Brussels.

  • A technical Steering Committee meets regularly to animate cross-cutting projects of the Euroregion (communication of the Euroregion, coordination of thematic working groups, the global strategy of the Euroregion etc.).

  • In order to facilitate the emergence of common strategies and projects within the Alps-Mediterranean Euroregion, were established five thematic groups. Each group has precise specifications.