This week (V) Euroregion: Alps-Mediterranean Euroregion (projects)

The cluster Territorial Cohesion within the Euroregion is controlled by the Piedmont Region. 

The main purpose of the thematic group Territorial Cohesion is the definition of a common vision of the five regions in the field of European cohesion policy for the new 2014-2020 programming. The cluster Territorial Cohesion has worked on drafting a single document concerning the common position of the Euroregion about the new policy 2014-2020 European cohesion. With this document the Presidents of the Regions are:

  • Affirming the need for European regional policy to be adequately funded, confirming the Multiannual Financial Framework proposal by the European Commission on 29 June 2011;
  • Stressing the importance of European regional policy, not only in relation to the objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy, but also and especially for cohesion objectives, including territorial, with particular attention to mountain areas.

The Conference of Presidents spoke favorably about the proposed regulations on the Structural Funds, while highlighting the need to:

  • Be more flexibility in setting investment priorities and the terms of use of funds, an area where the regions have the knowledge and expertise to work well, valuing the territorial specificities;
  • Have full involvement of the regions in the governance of negotiations and programming;
  • Identifying a series of elements that condition regions to be effectively able to intervene. 
  • Real and concrete action in the direction of simplification of EU and national rules to manage the funds.

The document “The Alps-Mediterranean Euroregion 2020″, approved by the five Presidents of Regions, was presented to the European Commission on 10 July 2012 in occasion of the meeting with the Commissioner for Regional Policy, Johannes Hahn.