This week (VII) Euroregion: Euroace (structure)

PresiThe bodies of the EUROACE are: President, Vice Presidents, the Plenary Council, the Executive Council, the Secretariat and the Sectoral Committees established according to the needs of cooperation. The Plenary Council and the Executive Council are competent to discuss the establishment of subsidiary bodies as are necessaryThe bodies of the EUROACE adopt resolutions with strict respect for the criteria of consensus and parity.

The President of the EUROACE has a mandate of two years.  In cases of absence, absences or impediments, the President is replaced by a Vice-PresidentThe transfer of the presidency is  held at the headquarters of the Plenary Council. During the meeting, the outgoing President presents a general report on the activities of the EUROACE during his tenure.

The Plenary Council is the body in which are represented entities from Spanish and Portuguese territorial bodies that constitute the EUROACE. The Plenary Council is composed of the President and Vice President,  Secretariat, General Coordinator and the heads of each Sector CommitteeThe Plenary Council meets at least once a year, notwithstanding any extraordinary meetings convened by the President.

The Executive Council ensures the continuity of the activities of the EUROACE in the period between meetings of the Plenary Council. The members of the Executive Council are the President, Vice President of the EUROACE and General Coordinators.  The President and Vice President  can delegate who may consider appropriate participation in meetings of the Executive Board.  The General Coordinators are appointed respectively by the President of the Commission for Coordination and Regional Development of Alentejo, by the President of the Commission for Coordination and Regional Development of the Central Region and the President of Extremadura.  Representatives of CBC agencies  and the Sectoral Committees, as well as specialized experts on specific topics to be treated may participate by invitation of the Chair, at meetings of the Executive Board.  The Executive Council shall meet in regular session at least twice a year. There may be other meetings where they so decide the Coordinators General or the President of the EUROACE.

The Secretariat is an administrative organ of the EUROACE, it directs the General Coordinator of the entity or territorial entity holding the Presidency and is constituted by the antenna of the Cabinet of Transboundary Initiatives as entity or territorial body.

The Sectoral Committees have functions of analysis, study and discussion of matters relating to each of the different sectors of cross-border cooperation and the formulation of proposals for action and its materialization. The composition of each Sector Committee is determined by the Executive Board at the time of its creation. Each committee has a representative from each of the signatories territorial entities or bodies, responsible for each committee representative of the entity or territorial entity holding the Presidency during this period.


You can download EUROACE Statute (in Spanish language) here.