This week (VII) Euroregion: Euroace (projects)

The GIT is a project approved by the POCTEP (Operative Program of Cross Border Cooperation Spain – Portugal) and financed by the European Union through FEDER. It is organised in three different locations: Mérida, dependent on the Extremaduran regional government (Junta de Extremadura) and the other two in Évora and Coimbra, supervised by the Commissions of Coordination and Regional Development in Alentejo and Centre. The three delegations have their own budget and staff and all work together in a coordinated fashion.

GIT’s Responsibilities

  1. Encourage all kinds of relations and group action projects between Extremadura and Portugal, putting in touch and advising all those involved on both sides of the border.
  2. Coordinate, advise and lend technical support to EUROACE’s Sectorial Commissions.
  3. Organize and/or lend technical or financial support for the carrying out of conferences and seminars on specific topics, Portuguese language courses, encounters for businessmen, art exhibits and, in general, any project which will help achieve their objectives.
  4. Promote and support in a special way the celebration of exchanges between Spanish and Portuguese schoolchildren, encouraging social gatherings from the preschool age onwards, as something fundamental for encouraging knowledge, understanding and mutual respect.
  5. Produce and distribute publications about matters that affect both Extremadura and Portugal.
  6. Form the Technical Secretariat of the Euroregion.

Office of Cross border Initiatives in Alentejo
Office of Cross border Initiatives in the Central Region
Office of Cross Border Initiatives in Extremadura