This week (VIII) Euroregion: Carpathian Euroregion (projects)

Carpathian Foundation is implementing a new partnership project V4 POVERTY ALLEVIATION INITIATIVE – Looking for Local Solutions to the Global Challenge.

The one year project (June 1, 2014 – May 31, 2015) deals with identification and analysis of new comprehensive ways to local development based on the principle “local resources for local needs”. Following existing and emerging best cases in all 4 countries and taking inspirations from outside of this region, the partners will focus on viable models based on community mobilization.

Project partners:

1.Carpathian Development Institute, Kosice, SK

2.Sub-Carpathian Chamber of Commerce, Krosno, PL

3.Alliance of Social Professionals, Budapest, HU

4.Carpathian Foundation Hungary, Eger, HU

5.Carpathian Foundation Ukraine, Uzhgorod, UA

6.Center for Community Organizing, Central Moravia, Prerov, CZ

Expected outputs:

•V4 networking platform

•a collection of case studies/best practices of potential viable ways to approach poverty-related issues

•presentation of the results to the key audiences (a web site, a conference)

Visegrad cooperation is the basic notion on which the project is built: its purpose is to foster the V4 collaboration and capitalize on similarities in this region in order to explore and identify innovative solutions towards issues that are common for the region, and to use the expertise in all countries and, additionally, Ukraine.

The project is supported by the Visegrad Fund