This week (VIII) Euroregion: Carpathian Euroregion (did you know?)

In 1995 the King Baudouin Foundation initiated the establishment of the Transnational Giving Europe (TGE) Network to assist donors navigating through the maze of legal and fiscal regulations that differ from country to country and to facilitate cross-border philanthropic giving in a simple and effective way in Europe.

Until 2010 Carpathian Foundation International used to be the member of the TGE Network which had served philanthropic giving to Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. Since 2011 its three national partners took over the responsibility of CFI in these countries.

In case of intention to donate to Hungary and/or Romania and/or Slovakia please contact the following new TGE partners:

For Slovakia: Carpathian Foundation- Slovakia

Contact person: Mrs. Laura Dittel –

For Hungary: Carpathian Foundation- Hungary

Contact person: Mrs. Boglárka Bata

For Romania: Odorheiu Secuiesc Community Foundation

Contact person: Ms. Rozália Csáki –

More information about Transnational Giving in Europe at and at KBF Centre for Philanthropy at