This week (XII) Euroregion: Pomerania (structure)

The official name of the association is: Association of PolishMunicipalities  Euroregion
Pomerania. According to its Statute the area of the Association is the Polish territory, can also operate outside the country.

Members of the Association are divided into:
a / ordinary,
b / support.
c / honorary members.

Pomerania Euroregion is composed of:

  1. The highest authority, organ is the Assembly of Delegates consists of delegates selected by the individual Association members.
  2. The executive body is the Executive Board which consists of 7-9 people Delegates elected by the General Assembly in a secret ballot, from among the its members for a term consistent with the term of council units of  local government.
  3. The body of internal control is the Audit Commission in its composition consists of 3 persons elected by the Assembly of Delegates, by secret ballot among the individuals selected from among its members, for a term equal to those of the Councils in accordance with the term of local government units.

The Statute of the Euroregion is available here (in Polish language).