This week (XIII) Euroregion: Euregio Pskov-Livonia (structure)


The highest decision making institution is Council. Council meetings take place twice a year. Members of Council are all members of Presidium and five representatives from each member of Euregio-heads of local and regional governmental institutions.


There are a president, two vice presidents and three ecexutive directors in Presidium. Canditatures for president of Euregio and vice presidents are advanced by domestic section of Euregio. President and vice presidents are confirmed by Council. The positions of president and vice presidents change once a year depending on the principle of rotation. Presidium meetings take place at least six times in year.

SERGEI BARANOV -President of Euregio (Russian Federation)
President of section Pskov, Head of the administration Põtalovo rayon
Phone: +7 8114 723054; Fax: +7 8114 723071

AIVAR LUTS – Vice president of Euregio(Estonia)
Board chairman of section Estonia; Major of Kanepi municipality
Phone: +372 797 6310; Fax: +372 797 6312

JURIS DOMBROVSKIS – Vice president of Euregio (Latvia)
Board chairman of section Latvia; Chairman of Ludza district council
Phone: +371 6570 7144; Fax: +371 6570 7137


The Directorate of Euregio is made by executive directors of Euregio members – executive director of section Pskov, section Latvia and section Estonia. Daily decisions and daily work are made by Directorate.

Executive director of section Pskov:
OLESJA BOGDANOVA Paromenskaja 21/23, Pskov 180006 RUSSIAN FEDERATION
Phone: +7 8911 368 6779
Skype: olesik95

Executive director of section Latvia
JURIS ANNUSKANS Berzpils iela 1a, Balvi LV-4501 LATVIA
Phone: +371 2916 3807; Fax: +371 6452 1029
Skype: juris.balvi

Executive director of section Estonia
AIN JÕESALU Kesk 12, Valga 68203 ESTONIA
Phone: +372 515 1558: Fax: +372 797 6312
Skype: ain369


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