This week (XIV) Euroregion: Euroregion Saule (basic facts)


Agreement on establishment of Euroregion “ SAULE” was signed in 1999 between:

  • Lithuanian Party
  1. Governor of Šiauliai County Mr. Zenonas Stundžia

Mayor of Šiauliai City Mr. Alfredas Lankauskas

Mayors of the following districts: Mayor of Akmenė district Mr. Anicetas Lupeika; Mayor of Joniškis district Mr. Voldemaras Bandžiukas; Mayor of Kelmė district Mr. Jurgis Staševičius; Mayor of Pakruojis district Mr. Jonas Juozapaitis; Mayor of Radviliškis district Mr. Vytautas Simelis; Mayor of Šiauliai district Mr. Alfredas Jonuška

  1. Governor of Tauragė County Mr. Stasys Aužbikas

Mayor of the following districts: Mayor of Jurbarkas district Mr. Aloyzas Zairys; Mayor of Tauragė district Mr. Petras Jokubauskas; Mayor of Šilalė districts Mrs. Zita Lazdauskienė

  • the Latvian Party

Chairman of Jelgava Regional Council Mr. Daumants Olte and Mayor of Jelgava City Mr. Uldis Ivans

  • the Russian Party

Mayor of Sovetsk City Mr. Vyacheslav Svetlov, Mayor of Neman district Mr. Sergei Ledenev, Mayor of Slavsk district Mr. Alexandr Dundik

  • the Swedish Party

Governor Skåne County Mr. Bengt Holgersson

The Euroregion’s “Saule” activity comprises areas within the territory of:

– The Republic of Lithuania – Šiauliai County and Tauragė County;

– The Republic of Latvia – Jelgava Region and Jelgava City;

– The Russian Federation – Sovetsk City, Neman District and Slavsk District of Kaliningrad Region;

-The Kingdom of Sweden – Scåne County.

The membership and territory of the Euroregion’s “Saule” activity are open and they can be changed basing on the decision of the Euroregion’s Council at the motion of one or several Parties of the Agreement. The official languages of Euroregion “Saule” are English and Russian.