This week (XIV) Euroregion: Euroregion Saule (did you know?)

This Euroregion has developed a comprehensive marketing programme.

The Marketing programme for Euroregion „Saule” has been elaborated in the framework of project Regional Marketing for Euroregion Saule””, supported by the EU INTERREG IIIA programme. Objective of the project is to improve recognition of Euroregion „Saule” on the local and international scale, thus promoting competitiveness and development of the region. Marketing programme of Euroregion „Saule” was perceived as a new and innovative document for cross-border cooperation with an aim to develop the corresponding territories.

In the Marketing programme four elements of classical marketing (product, price, place, promotion) in the context of territorial marketing are described as follows:

• regional/territorial offer (resources);

• conditions for internal and external consumer;

• realisation and positioning of the feasibility of the region;

• popularisation of the image of the region (creation and promotion).

You can access to whole document here. This could be an example for those euroregional structure in development wishing to increase their visibility and promotion.