This week (XV) Euroregion: Galicia-North of Portugal (projects)

Last 1st of July, the Galicia-North Portugal Euroregion JOB DAY – Metallurgy, took place in Tui. This event was organized by the GNP-EGTC, in collaboration with EURES-T, AIMMAP, ASIME, FELUGA and the Eurocity Tui-Valença. The aims of this event were fostering job creation and cross border cooperation, also between companies.

The event counted on the participation of 16 companies of the Metallurgy sector from the Euroregion Galicia – North Portugal, that offered 48 vacant posts, and with the assistance of many job-seekers in this field.

At 10:30h took place the official inauguration of the Job Day, with  the participation of the President of the CCDR-N, Prof. Dr. Emídio Gomes; the Chancellor of Job and Wellbeing of Xunta de Galicia, Mrs. Beatriz Mato; the Mayor of Tui, Mr. Moises Rodríguez; the President of the CM of Valença, Mr. Jorge Mendes; the President of ASIME, Mr. Julio Gómez; the President of AIMMAP, Mr. Annibal José da Costa; the north Regional Delegate of the IEFP, Mr. Cesar Ferreira and the President of the CEG, Mr. José Manuel Fernández Alvariño, beside the Director of the GNP-AECT, Mrs. Maria Geraldes.


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