This week (XV) Euroregion: Galicia-North of Portugal (did you know?)

The 21st of March, 2014, in the headquarters of the GNP-EGTC in Vigo, took place a meeting between Mr. Alfonso Rueda Vicepresident of Xunta de Galicia, and Professor   Emidío Gomes, President of the CCDR-N, where issues related to the recent transfer of the Direction of the GNP-EGTC, from Galicia to the North Region of Portugal were discussed. Also, the public presentation of the new Direction team was done where Mrs. María Geraldes is the new Director and Mr. Xosé Lago is the new Deputy Director, being both of them in the meeting.

At the same time, the main strategic lines and projects for the activities of the GNP-EGTC to be developed in the short term were analyzed. Among them, it shall be outlined the beginning of the IACOBUS program. It is a cultural, scientific and educational cooperation program that will develop a system for the exchange of professors, researchers and administrative staff among the academic centers of the Euroregion Galicia – Norte Portugal. IACOBUS emerge from one of the priorities established in the Common Investment Plan, and it is promoted by the Working Community Galicia – Norte Portugal. Its main objective is to foster the exchange and cooperation among human resources from academic centers in the Euroregion to jointly develop formative, research and information activities.

The development of deeper cooperation in fields closely related to the every day life of citizens, such as in Health, civil protection issues, as well as collaboration with Eurocities and municipalities of the Euroregion was also highlighted.

The GNP-EGTC has also between its future priorities, the cooperation with business clusters and the main economic areas of Galicia and North Portugal, as well as the support for the innovation and to those activities able to generate a higher added value and a competitive improvement for the Euroregion.