This week (XVI) Euroregion: Elbe/Labe (projects)


German-Czech computer game “Ulli Uhu” and field guide East Ore Mountains

“Ulli Uhu” is designed for kids and linked a game with experiences in nature, environment and agriculture of the East Ore Mountains on both sides of the German-Czech border.
Furthermore it was released a bilingual field guide for young people and adults as an expansion of the game.

Link (German)

Geo-information network for cross border region of the National Park Saxon-Bohemian SwitzerlandTop view: Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland

Objective was the creation of an area-wide geo-information pool for a sustainable support of cross border spatial development and for management and planning in the biological reserve and the regional planning institutions.

Transboundary online information system about Saxon, Czech and Polish forest conversation

By the online portal responsible institutions are able to advice themselves transboundary, fast and informative on damaged caused to forests and them dispersion.


Further INTERREG IIIA-projects you are able to find here (Czech, German, Polish).