This week (XVI) Euroregion: Elbe/Labe (did you know?)

The Czech Republic officially acceded to the Schengen agreement on 1st January 2008. The Schengen agreement enables countries to remove their internal borders and allows people to travel without checks from country to country within the Schengen area.

On 21st December 2007, checks at land borders into the Czech Republic ceased.

While there are no longer any border checks, you are advised not to attempt to cross land borders without a valid travel document. It is likely that random identity checks will be made in areas surrounding land borders even following accession to the Schengen agreement.

Children aged 15 and above must have their own passports.  Those travelling on a parent’s passport will be refused entry to the Czech Republic.

It is basically possible to cross the border anywhere. Exceptions are explained in the following table.

Name Type Options for use
Neurehefeld – Moldava Street, vehicles up to 3.5 tons
Georgenfeld/Zinnwald – Zadní Cinovec Hiking trail
Altenberg – Cinovec Street, vehicles up to 12 tons, Busses
Fürstenau – Fojtovice Hiking trail
Breitenau – Krásný Les Motor way A 17/D 8
Bahratal – Petrovice Street, vehicles up to 3.5 tons
Rosenthal – Jílové/Sněžník Hiking trail
Bad Schandau – Děčín Rail
Schöna – Dolní Žleb Elbe cycle path
Schöna – Hřensko Foot passenger ferry
Schöna – Hřensko Warerway Elbe/Labe
Schöna – Hřensko Street, vehicles up to 3.5 tons, Busses
Zadní Jetřichovice – Rabensteine Hiking trail
Niedermühle – Vlčí deska Hiking trail
Hinterhermsdorf – Zadní Doubice Hiking trail
Weißbachtal – Brtnícký potok Hiking trail
Hinterhermsdorf – Mikulášovice Hiking trail
Saupsdorf (Wachberg) – Mikulášovice Hiking trail
Sebnitz OT Hertigswalde (Waldhaus) – Mikulášovice – Tomášov Hiking trail
Sebnitz (Forellenschänke) – Mikulášovice – Tančnice Hiking trail
Sebnitz – Dolní Poustevna Street, vehicles up to 3.5 tons
Langburkersdorf – Lobendava Hiking trail
motor cycle
passenger car
motor truck
handicapped person

Small border traffic on hiking trails

You can cross the border on the sites mention above with a valid identity-card, passport or another valid border crossing document. It doesn’t apply to third-country citizen who are need a visa

  • in the Federal German Republic and/ or
  • in the Czech Republic and/ or
  • in one of the member states of the European Union.

Because of reasons of environmental protection it’s not allowed to use motor-assisted bicycles on hiking trails in Saxony. Automatically powered wheel chairs with a maximum speed over 6 km aren’t permitted to cross the common border on hiking trails into the Czech Republic.