This week (XVII) Euroregion: Working Community CTP (structure)

The Presidency

Supports cooperation in trans-CTP, each member entity exercises shift its Presidency, through its President, for a period of two years. The role of the Presidency is to represent the CTP and defining, together with all members, the policy guidelines governing the institution during the two years of office.

With a view to fulfilling the mission and ensure the animation of the CTP, the chair is equipped with a General Secretariat.

The General Secretariat

Specifically encourages the CTP and prepares the meetings of the Coordination Committee and the General Board monitors the work of the committees and the financial situation of the CTP. It consists of a Secretary General, appointed by the Chairman, after receiving the approval of the other members of the CTP.

The Presidency of Andorra 2013-2015

For the period between 2013 and 2015, Andorra hold the Presidency of the CTP.

President of the CTP: Gilbert Saboya Sunyé, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Chairman of Andorra Andorran border Cooperation Agency.

Secretary General: Pere Roquet.

The General Assembly

It is the organ of consultation and policy-making of the institution. Adopt the policy guidelines proposed by the Presidency as well as the program of action. It consists of representatives of each of the members and meets once a year.

Executive Committee

Coordinates and is responsible for implementing the program of action of the presidency, thanks to the support provided by the various thematic committees of the CTP.

Thematic Committees

 Assist the Committee of coordination when implementing the program and actions constitute a group of four committees:
• Commission I: Infrastructure and Communications
• Commission II: Education and Technological Development
• Commission III: Culture, Youth and Sports
• Commission IV: Sustainable development


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