This week (XVIII) Euroregion: Mid Nordic Region (projects)

ProMidNord – Sustainable Development in the MidNordic Region

Project duration: August 2004 – August 2007

ProMidNord was a projectinitiative of the MidNordic Committee to the Interreg IIIB -program.
The project consisted of five different workpackages, which all aim to strenghten the potential and attractiveness of the whole region.
The five areas of co-operation:
1) Strengthening the MNR as a macroregion and introducing joint Spatital Development as a method
2) Environment and eco-competitiveness
3) Sustainable Energy Development
4) Youth, Regional Development and Democracy
5) Culture and cultural heritage as a means for sustainable development

The workgroups of the MidNordic Committee – energy, culture, youth and environment – acted also as workgroups in the project-workpackages.

Final report (WP1 strategy)PDF

Further information on the webbsite:
www.promidnord.netexternal link, opens in new window