This week (XIX) Euroregion: Beskidy (basic facts)

General Information:
population: 1 185 506


In Poland: 3 088 km2

In Czech Republic: 972 km2

In Slovakia: 2 083 km2

Beskidy Euroregion was established on the basis of consensus “Beskidy without borders” – an initiative of local authorities of cities and municipalities Beskidy Polish-Slovak-Czech border. It covers part of the land border Silesia region on the Polish side, the region Žilina on the Slovak side and the municipalities around the town of Frydek-Mistek in the Czech Republic. The Euroregion includes: Association “Region Beskydy” based in Bielsko-Biala, združenie Beskydy Region, based in Zilina and SDRUŽENÍ Region Beskydy in Frydek-Místek.



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