This week (XIX) Euroregion: Beskidy (did you know?)


Krakow-Moravia-Vienna Greenways trail is a natural and cultural heritage created based on a network of routes, pedestrian, water, horse paths, and educational themes. Its main axis is the 700-km cycling track exposing cultural heritage, nature and history of Central Europe.

The project to establish the trail of natural and cultural heritage of Krakow-Moravia-Vienna Greenways was founded in 2001, when Poland and the Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation decided to create a European ecotourism corridor, “decorated” avenues of fruit trees. The trail exposes the cultural heritage, nature and history of Central Europe.
13 December 2002 in Bartošovice (Czech Republic, Region Poodri) was the official Polish-Czech meeting presenting the project, during which the partners signed a declaration of participation in the initiative. As part of the partnership symbol, the castle courtyard set directional signs saying “Krakow”, “Vienna” and planted the first tree on the route.