This week (XX) Euroregion: working community Regio Insubrica (basic facts)


In brief, the objectives of the Regio Insubria are:

  • it promotes the exchange of information, knowledge and networking of key players in the territory, so that they can integrate their forces and resources;
  • proposes cooperation activities in the cross-border region as a whole leading to the definition of common projects;
  • it provides and collects pulses innovators on concrete issues, leaving it to the competent authorities the subsequent implementation phase;
  • removes barriers due to the lack of mutual understanding;
  • spread a modern and open-border mentality, which encourages organizations and individuals on both sides of the border to identify opportunities, to join themselves and take concrete actions;
  • does not arise in competition with other institution (states; cantons, Italian regions and provinces) but works with them.

The working community comprises the following territorial areas: Canton Ticino (Switzerland), Province of Como, Province of Lecco, Province of Novara, Province of Varese, Province of Verbano Cusio Ossola (Italy)

The Working Community Regio Insubrica promotes cross-border cooperation in the region Swiss-Italian region of Lakes Prealpine lakes and promotes awareness of belonging to a territory beyond institutional boundaries, and rich with history, culture and language.

The Memorandum of Understanding between the territories was first approved at the assembly of the region Insubrica on 19.01.1995 and revised on 16th of June 2011.


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