This week (XX) Euroregion: working community Regio Insubrica (structure)

Members of this working community are:

  • public bodies;
  • associations, public bodies and private and public entities resident or working in the area of the region Insubrica after accession.

Attend at the invitation, as observers in the meetings of the statutory bodies: the Swiss Federal Authorities, the Lombardy Region and the Region of Piedmont.

Membership is determined by the Board of Regio Insubrica. The Steering Committee determines the annual dues to be paid at the beginning of each calendar year. Natural persons or legal entities may join as supporters, without voting rights.

Statutory organs of this working community are: The Executive Board, President and the Assembly. Members of the Executive board are the prime ministers of both states, the presidents of the provinces and the mayors of the cities within the territory. The meetings of the executive board are upon request by the president of each member.

The working community is also composed of singe thematic work group dedicated to promotion of tourism in the area, administrative cooperation, cultural heritage, civil protection and security, etc.