This week (XX) Euroregion: working community Regio Insubrica (projects)

Integrated tourist promotion

Date Constitution: 14.01.2008

Reactivated: 28.03.2011


First phase: (under implementation) Project Beta related to the redesign of the website “Lakes and Alps”.

Second phase: Presentation Interreg project for the development, activation and management of the site.

The site has been completely renovated shown in Varese on 18.01.2013 and presented at the BIT in Milan from 14 to 17.02.2013.  The working group met on 04.08.2013 and has appointed for hosting and managing of the site.
At its meeting of 21/05 it was discussed the offer of “Web Marketing”, the organization in Como 2014 edition of the International Golf Travel Market (IGTM) and possible participation in EXPO 2015.
The group met after the 6/17. and 19.09.2013, the 13:01. and 17.02.2014 for an update on the issues referred to in the May meeting and the evaluation of the work done up to now in preparation of IGTM and Expo 2015. In subsequent meetings of 24.03 and 05.19.2014 has been developed “Web marketing” for the International Golf Travel Market (IGTM) that took place the last week of October. Representatives of Golf Clubs of the area who participated in the meeting of 24/03 became available to take part in the initiative and attended the stand of the region Insubrica made available from Villa Erba to promote the golf offer in the region insubrica.

In 2015 the activities continue , and the working group continues to formulate concrete proposals for the integrated promotion of the Regio Insubrica in view of Expo 2015, and to give more visibility to the site Lakes and Alps.

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