This week (XX) Euroregion: working community Regio Insubrica (did you know?)

The Working Group organized this year the eighth edition of the Days of Insubrian Green Clean. This year the Working Community is committed to promoting collective action of cleaning of streets, streams, forests, roadsides, and to stimulate the local authorities, consortia or local associations to take steps for the preservation of the territory.

The poster of the event and post-cleaning plate

As part of the this event started also the project “Waste without borders” specifically dedicated to schools, which aims to raise awareness of the students on the topic, through actions of cleaning the area and useful insights to understand the risks to the environment caused by the waste left on the ground and in the water, be it river, lake, stream etc. and distinguish a healthy aquatic ecosystem from one in danger to make us reflect on the adverse impact that our actions may arise.

The project required the students and teachers who followed them to draw on their own creativity and make a poster or a cartoon that depicts the dangers and hardships that the abandonment of waste in the vicinity of lakes or watercourses. The selection of the best poster was organized in May (22) 2015 in the Park of the Breggia Gorge (Canton Ticino) with the following program.