This week (XXI) Euroregion: working community ARGE ALP (basic facts)


The Working Community of Alpine Regions was founded on Oct. 12, 1972 in Mösern in Tyrol, at the invitation of President Eduard Wallnöfer.

It gathers 10 provinces, regions, provinces and cantons countries Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. The Working Community of Alpine Regions currently has about 26 million inhabitants spread over 142,366 square kilometers.


ARGE ALP aims therefore to address through cross-border cooperation, problems and common purpose, particularly in the ecological, cultural, social and economic sphere, as well as promoting mutual understanding of the citizens living in the Alps area and to strengthen the sense of common responsibility for the living space of the Alps.

Priority areas are:
◾Security and development of the Alpine region as an area of ​​life and entertainment of high quality, and protecting the environment and preserving the ecological balance;
◾Methods for harmonizing spatial planning;
◾The coordination of design and infrastructure work for the transalpine road and rail, with particular regard to the disposal of the heavy traffic in transit;
◾Fostering economic cooperation, especially with the aim of creating new jobs;
◾Protection of the rich cultural heritage, while promoting the contemporary artistic creation;
◾Health protection and welfare;
◾Promoting of European integration