This week (XXII) Euroregion: Sønderjylland-Schleswigs (structure)

The Board of Directors is the supreme decision-making body of the organization. It is a joint advisory and coordinating body for cross-border issues and also responsible for all business operations. Consists of the following voting members:

– One representative from each member of the region

– A representative of the Danish and German minorities (Restriction: budgetary decisions are excluded from the right to vote)

As well as co-opted member (non-voting)

– 1 representative of the Government of Schleswig-Holstein

The management group of Sønderjylland region comprises at least one administrative staff per member, as well as the management of the region Kontor.

For continuous performance of duties in the fields of culture, school, language, youth and sport, cultural committee is set up as well.

The Board may also establish permanent expert groups, dealing with various areas of expertise that are relevant to the Danish-German cooperation in the border region. These technical groups hold regular meetings at which project development experiences and ideas are exchanged.

The office of the region is located close to the Danish-German border in Padborg.