This week (XXIII) Euroregion: EGTC Tatry (did you know?)

The Council of the Cross-border Euroregion Tatry Association created an EGTC Commission on June 15th, 2011 for the purpose of drafting the founding documents of the Grouping, the Convention and Statute.  During joint sessions and individual meetings of the Polish and Slovak members, the Commission:

  • carried out risk/benefit analysis and compared the added value of an EGTC to the then current form of cooperation
  • identified and analysed the basic competences, experience, and potential of the partners and future members of the EGTC
  • carried out an analysis of the national legal frameworks and researched relevant regulations concerning the planned EGTC, the nature of the partnership, etc. Analysed the legal consequences of each regulation with regard to the relation of EU regulations to national legislation
  • checked procedures for the approval of a request for the registration of an EGTC in accordance with national legislation
  • worked out drafts of the Convention and Statute in cooperation with national authorities