This week (XXV) Euroregional cooperation: Danube-Drava-Sava (basic facts)


Euroregional cooperation “Danube-Drava-Sava” is an international organization of regional governments (counties, cantons), cities and regional industrial, trade or chambers of commerce or similar associations of business entities in the Republic of Hungary, the Republic of Croatian and Bosnia and Herzegovina and other areas that spatially gravitate to the rivers Danube, Drava and Sava. This organization does not have legal personality; with an open character, meaning that the adminissions of new members are open with no restrictions.

The reason for the gathering of the founders was the project of building a European highway European transport corridor V / c (TEM project) that connects these regions, and allows them to establish better communication with Central Europe and the Adriatic Sea. The initiative for the creation of this form of cooperation was given by Baranya County from the Republic of Hungary. After some preparation in Pecs on 26 June 1998 the statement of intention to create Inter-Regional Cooperation Danube Drava Sava was signed. The statement was signed by representatives of counties, cities and chambers of commerce from Osijek, Pecs and Tuzla. Euroregional Cooperation Danube – Drava – Sava was established with the signing of the Statute in Pécs on November, 28, 1998.

Objectives and Activities

  • joint exploitation of common natural resources and usage of favorable transportation position in the European infrastructural network;
  • historical ties and relations in this area
  • interest in the improvement of the protection of national minorities on both sides of the border
  • interest in the promotion of interstate and interregional projects
  • interest in the improvement of international relation status pertinent to their Members
  • determination to promote the process of Central European and Euro-Atlantic integration

Members organize their joint operation directed towards the achievement of the following objectives:

  • the establishment and development of mutual relations of the population and regional institutions as presuppositions for better acquaintance, understanding, cooperation and friendship
  • creating conditions for successful flow of experience and knowledge for an overall regional development
  • creation of expert bases for the design of the concept of sustainable development within the Euroregion while using joint and separated material resources, preserving the natural resources and environmental protection
  • establishment of joint developmen interests, preparation, establishment and harmonization of a joint developmental strategy

In order to obtain these goals this Euroregion:

  • organizes joint activities to promote the richness of diversity
  • organize the preparation, design, and implementation of joint development projects
  • launches activities directed toward the incorporation of joint projects into the European integrations
  • organizes the establishment and promotion and support of the development of cooperation in zoning, environmental protection, transportation and communications, economy, tourism and leisure, health and social welfare, science, education, culture, sports and informative activities.

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