This week (XXV) Euroregional cooperation: Danube-Drava-Sava (projects)

After a transnational project called DATOURWAY, in late May 2012 the project DONAUREGIONEN + (D +) was completed, whith partners from the Croatia (Osijek-Baranja and Vukovar-Srijem). The main objective of the project D + is showing the potential of central and southern parts of the Danube and its importance as a European development corridor. The specific objective is to develop a common development strategy for the Danube Region (D + strategy). The project was implemented through the cooperation of the countries involved, with a specific goal achieved through a combination of (1) a bottom-up approach based on recognition and evaluation of existing strategies (1a) of the Danube NUTS3 regions and (1b) of the Danube cross-border region. Also, it was the (2) top down approach related to the identification and estimation of spatial planning and regional policy, documents and systems of large national and European importance. The project was the attempt to integrate existing European, national and regional strategies in order to achieve support for the Danube Region, the cities and ports that are in bad economic situation, but have potential for sustainable development. To achieve the target, as part of the portal two servers are made (D + Web Server and D + GIS Server). The portal allows for easier communication, especially around sectors such as natural conditions, settlement structure, human resources, transport and technical infrastructure and economy. For additional information visit: and