This week (XXVI) Euroregion: Sajó-Rima (basic facts)


The Slovak Environmental Agency, workplace Rimavská Sobota, on behalf of like associations of towns and villages in Gemer, in cooperation with state institutions and the third sector initiated a meeting on 14 September 1999, on which the idea to establish Slanej Union enlargement on cross-border cooperation was supported with partners from Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén. At the next meeting on September 30, 1999 representatives of governments, NGOs and local government districts Rimavská Sobota, Rožňava and Revúca adopted a declaration in which they agreed to the establishment of the Union Slant on the borders of the existing districts Rimavská Sobota, Rožňava and Revúca in cooperation with other regions Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén. On October 4, 1999 representatives of the Union prepared Slanej from Slovakia with partners in Hungary Putnok adopted a declaration on a common interest to sign a cooperation agreement with the ultimate aim of creating a cross-border UROREGION SLANÁ – RIMAVA. A cooperation agreement in accordance with the European Framework Convention on Transfrontier Cooperation between local authorities and public bodies, was adopted in 1980 in Madrid, signed by the President of the Union of Salty and Rimavy, Ing. František Kardos Slovak side and Barnabas chairman Tamás Sajó – Rima Eurorégió the Hungarian side, October 10, 2000 in Roznava, and thus laid the organizational framework of this EUROREGION SLANÁ – RIMAVA lying in the Slaná River Basin in the two countries.



The name in different languages:

ENG: Sajó-Rima / Slaná-Rimava European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation with Limited Liability

SK: Európske zoskupenie üzemnej spolupráce Slána – Rimava s ručením obmedzeným

HU: Sajó – Rima Korlátolt Felelősségű Európai Területi Együttműködési Csoportosulás


General purpose of the Grouping is to strengthen the economic and social cohesion among the members of the Grouping in the framework of cross border cooperation, having regard to paragraph 2 and paragraph 3 in Article 7 of the Regulation, with a financial contribution from the European Union and/or the two concerned member states.


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