This week (XXVI) Euroregion: Sajó-Rima (projects)

During the past years this euroregion has managed to implement 15 projects.

In cooperation with partners from  various local governments, special interest and civic associations it managed to contribute to the promotion of regional exhibitions of tourism at home and abroad, promoting regional exhibitions Gemer Expo, contributing to the development of tourism, publication of promotional materials and calendars in order to help to organized cross-border cultural, sporting and social events.

Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development in 2013 published a call for applications for grants for projects aimed at implementation of euroregional activities. The priority was to support activities to improve the quality of cycling routes.

This euroregion in partnership with other institutions received funds for two projects.

The first project is a GPS orientation bike routes, linking the network of cycle paths in Hungary, upgrading and rehabilitation of existing bike routes marking and preparation of applications for inclusion of bicycle paths Slavošovské tunnel into the network of cycle paths. The second project addresses the reconnaissance and identification CTT new cycling route Fiľakovo – Bucon (about 10 km) and its connection to the cycle path Geopark Novohrad – Nógrád, leading across the border to Hungary and bicycle Muran castle – Tri village (about 18 km) as a kind of tourist starting point  “way of Mary Széchy”.



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