This week (XXVII) Euroregion: AEuCC (structure)

The bodies of the AEuCC are:

  • Assembly

composed of 5 representatives from each of the members (appointed frele by each member association according to their own criteria). It meets on the convocation of the President at least twice a year.

  • President and three Vice-Presidents

The president (elected for 3 years) is responsible for the supervision, preparation and implementation of the decisions of the Assembly and of the Executive Committee. One of the three vice-presidents is appointed as first vice president, secretary and treasurer.

  • Executive Committee

A body responsible for monitoring of projects and supports the decisions of the President and the Director.

  • Director

Nominated by the Assembly on the proposal of the Executive Committee for a two year extendable term.

  • Conference of Municipalities

Brings together the Assembly of the Mayors or of the representatives of the Municipalities which are members of the national associations constituting AEuCC.

Source: AEuCC Statute


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