This week (XXVIII) Euroregion: Duero-Duoro (basic facts)


By a Royal Decree 37/2008 and Decree-Law No. 376/2007 both Spain and Portugal adapted the European Community regulation instruments that served as support for the establishment of the EGTC Duero-Duoro. The EGTC Duero-Douro is composed of 188 public entities, all located in the NUTS III Alto Trás-os-Montes, Douro, Beira Interior Norte and the Provinces Salamanca and Zamora, of which 107 are border municipalities in the provinces of Zamora and Salamanca, seven municipal councils, 69 Portuguese border villages, two associations of municipalities, an autonomous body and two academic institutions: the University of Salamanca and the Polytechnic Institute Bragança; in an area of ​​8910.27 km2, a border line of 356.19km and covers a population of 73,328 Portuguese and 46,815 Spanish inhabitants, which makes up a total of 120,143 inhabitants.



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