This week (XXIX) Euroregion: Eurométropole Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai (projects)

The EGTC adopted a 2020 Strategy organised in 3 axes, and translated into 11 ambitions:

Axis I: A Eurometropolis of which the socio-economic potential is developed through 5 ambitions:

  • Take the clusters of the innovation platform to an international level (e.g. a joint cluster in the sector of creative industry, a cross-border innovation fund)
  • Create a genuine cross-border employment market (e.g. global visibility of job offers in the entire Eurometropolis, better alignment of education to the needs of the labour market)
  • Invest in human capital through cooperation in the field of education and research (e.g. structural integration of the cross-border dimension into schools and institutions, enhance technical skills and production capacities through education)
  • Develop cross-border/shared business parks
  • Make the region more attractive on the basis of the assets that set the 3 subregions apart (e.g. use culture and tourism to increase the economic attractiveness of the Eurometropolis)

Axis II: A Eurometropolis of which the internal mobility and international accessibility are reinforced by the realisation of the 3 ambitions below:

  • Develop a more integrated public transport system (e.g. better information to the general public on the available offer, electronic ticket system compatible with all public transport services of the Eurometropolis)
  • Create a soft mobility network (e.g.: complete the harmonisation of 3 cycling networks, create a coherent “cycling product” for tourism and leisure purposes at the level of the Eurometropolis)
  • Develop the blue network as a vector for accessibility (e.g. create a network between logistics platforms, promote a modal shift from transport by road to transport by water)

Axis III: The Eurometropolis will be “blue and green” when it will offer an exemplary living environment as a result of the collective implementation of the following 3 ambitions:

  • Support the targets for an energy-neutral Eurometropolis (e.g. signing of the Covenant of Mayors, joint renewable energy projects)
  • Transform the Eurometropolis into a continuous, harmonious and coherent region based on joint networks (e.g. reinforce the consultation platform for planning, redefine the city-countryside relationship)
  • Adopt a permanent forward-looking approach to the region

Between 2014 and 2020, the Eurometropolis partners aim at developing projects in the specific fields on the strategy.


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