This week (XXVI) Euroregion: Sajó-Rima (structure)

Sajo-Rima members:

  • Putnok Város Önkormányzata: Kossuth Lajos út 5., 3630 Putnok, Hungaria
  • Ózd Város Önkormányzata: Városház tér 1., 3600 Ózd, Hungaria
  • Rimavská Sobota: Svätoplukova 9, 979 01 Rimavská Sobota, Slovak Republic
  • Tornaľa: Mierová 14, 982 01 Tornaľa, Slovak Republic

Director/chairman: Mr. Barnabas Tamas, Mayor of Putnok

The General Assembly of this euroregion is composed of:

12 members from the Slovak side
12 members of the Hungarian side

Expert committees:

  • Commission for the Development of Enterprise and Employment
  • Commission for the development of the territory
  • Travel and Tourism Commission
  • Environment Commission
  • Cultural Commission
  • The Commission SOCIOMEDICAL

Organs: General Assembly • Director • Supervisory Board • Common Secretariat


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