This week (I) Euroregion: Adriatic Ionian Euroregion (projects)

From the official web site of the Euroregion, we only map two large projects implemented by AIE.
1. The project ADri.EuR.O.P.
aims to offer operational support (in technical-administrative terms) to the political process for the establishment of an institutional body of the Adriatic Euroregion (AE), created in order to promote development to be coordinated and integrated in territories in the Adriatic regions.

The project ADri.EuR.O.P. was actually aimed for starting up the Adriatic Euroregion in the short term. The main activities, which will be integrated and shall be implemented by all partners, can be outlined as follows:

– Support to work coordination between the cross-border bodies involved in the AE project.
– Relationships with international European bodies and institutions.
– Establishment of technical-administrative service structures.
– Start up of AE organization structural processes in the phase of being established
– Assessment of the “in itinere” situation regarding the AE sectors of interest.
– Strategic and Governance design on which to realize the EA structure
– Communications and information strategies

ADri.EuR.O.P. is an integrated project financed by the Adriatic New Neighbourhood Programme INTERREG/CARDS-PHARE 2000-2006 under Priority 3 (Action of Strengthening of Cooperation), Measure 3.2 (“Cooperation and Strengthening in Communications, Research and Systems Harmonization between Institutions” ) for the creation of service structures in order to promote activities between Adriatic partners of the AE and encourage the relationships between the latter and the European Union and establish a network of local bodies (municipalities, Chambers of Commerce, local bodies., universities, research centres, etc).


AdriGov aims to strength the institutional cooperation in the Adriatic-Ionian area. The project defined and implemented an Adriatic governance operational plan, reinforcing the institutional cooperation and promoting a shared model of governance in the Adriatic and Ionian basin.

The specific objective of AdriGov are as follows:
– to contribute to the accession process into the European Union of Adriatic partner countries by: reinforcing their relations with the European institutions and relevant actors; promoting EU legislation and acquis communautaire transposition; enhance the multi-level governance and the regional dimension of EU policies;
– to contribute to define the new cross border cooperation in post IPA programing period;
– to define a pilot action on multilevel governance;
– to improve the local authorities planning capacity, through training courses and experience exchanges in order to acquire specific skills concerning European project cycle management, structural funds management, fund raising and networking activities.




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