This week (XII) Euroregion: Pomerania (basic facts)

This Euroregion’s roots date back to 1990, with the idea to create a relationship between local governments, which had the task of implementing cross-border cooperation and initiatives. Pomerania Euroregion is the youngest on the western Polish border. Its creation brings with it a difficult period (politically and historically), and therefore its creation  took a very long time. On 15 December 1995 in Szczecin, the “Agreement on the establishment of the Euroregion” was signed . Its signatories were:

• Municipal Association of Municipalities of Western Pomerania Target “Pomerania”
• German Association of Municipal “Europaregion Pomerania eV”
• City of Szczecin.

This document from the Polish side was signed by the then Chairman of KZC GPZ “Pomerania” and Senator of the Republic Polish Zbigniew Zychowicz, from the City of Szczecin document was signed by the then Mayor of Szczecin lawyer Bartlomiej Sochański, the German side was represented by Rainer Haedrich President Kommunalgemeischaft Pomerania, then Landrat (the governor ) district of Uecker Randow.


Until 2013, Euroregion Pomerania consisted of three countries:The Federal Republic of Germany, the Republic of Poland and the Kingdom of Sweden. On 4 March 2013 in Malmo  in the Bureau of Euroregion the President of the Swedish part of the Euroregion announced its intention of Skåne Association of Municipalities to withdraw from the Euroregion.

Currently Pomerania Euroregion create a border regions of two countries:
Federal Republic of Germany,
Polish Republic.

The German side consists of four border counties and two cities separated Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Rügen, Nordvorpommern, Ostvorpommern, Uecker Randow, Stralsund and Greifswald) and two counties Brandenburg (Uckermark and Barnim) – all affiliated to the Union of Communal Europaregion Pomerania. Polish Party formed the Association of Municipalities Polish Euroregion (most of the municipalities of West Pomerania).


Pomerania Euroregion extends over an area of approx. 41 thousand. km2 and is inhabited by over 3.4 million inhabitants.


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