This week (XIV) Euroregion: Euroregion Saule (projects)

The only project that we could find using internet sources of the Euroregion Saule was the INTERREG IIIA project “Regional marketing for Euroregion „Saule””. This project however was implemented few years ago, from 01/11/2006 until 31/07/2007. The lead applicant was Jelgava District Council and the partners are Zemgale Planning region administration from Latvia and Siauliai County Governer’s Administration from Lithuania. The main aim of the project was to improve the visibility of the euroregion by raising awareness of its existence and possibilities. These are some of the implemented project activities:

1. Regional marketing conference with the focus on image making of the region;
2. Updated home page of “Saule” ;
3. Marketing programme for Euroregion “Saule”;
4. Promotion materials of “Saule” (advertising booklets for business people, advertising calendars for families, photos, children drawings, flags);
5. Promotion activities of “Saule” (1 photo and children drawing exhibition on topic “Saule” in Latvia, 1 in Lithuania)
6. Increased capacity for 40 officers of Euroregion “Saule” through 2 PR trainings in Latvia and Lithuania.


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