This week (III) Euroregion: Euregio Karelia (structure)

Euregio Karelia Board/Committee:

Euregio Karelia’s highest decision-making body is the Board (also called Commitee). The composition of the Committee is as follows:

– 6 representatives of Finnish Regional Councils (the Regional Councils of the Kainuu Region, North Karelia and Oulu Region each nominate two representatives and personal deputy members for them)

– 6 representatives from the Republic of Karelia (the Republic of Karelia nominates the representatives)

– an expert from the Finnish Ministry of the Interior (the Ministry in question nominates a representative and their personal deputy member)

– a representative from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation (the Russian Federation nominates a representative and their personal deputy member)

A representative of the European Union is given an opportunity to participate in the Committee’s meetings.

Euregio Karelia Board Chairman:

There are two chairmen of the Board at the same time, one representing the Finnish and one the Russian members. The representatives from the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy, both the Finnish and Russian Ministries for the Foreign Affairs, and the European Commission are allowed to attend the meetings of the Euregio Karelia Board.

Euregio Karelia Secretariat:

The secretariat is an operational bodyof the Board. The secretariat is preparing the agenga of the Board meetings and realised the board task in practice. It is composed of one representative from each participating Regional Council on the Finnish side and one person nominated by the Republic of Karelia on the Russian side. The Secretary-General  and the Chairman of the Board come from the same area. In Finland the posts regularly rotate between regions.


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